EstimatesPlease Estimate anything quickly and confidently with EstimatesPlease estimates, estimate current or future sales, estimate amounts of items or go through complex "what if?" scenarios then EstimatesPlease is the calculator for you. Just enter what you know for an estimate. An approximate amount? No problem. An iffy sale? Same thing. Just click = and you have your "lowest-possible-case" estimate, your "highest- possible-case" estimate and everything in between. With EstimatesPlease, you don`t need any hard-and-fast

Estimate Master 2009: Estimate Master - Estimating Software for Small Business
Estimate Master 2009

estimates, parts, materials, labor rates and formal bids allows you to define parts, materials and labor rates and activities specific to your business. - Quick and easy estimate creation from your database of parts, materials and labor items. - Easy to duplicate and update estimates. - Organizes parts, materials and / or labor items into assemblies for fast estimate creation. - Works with US and Canadian editions of QuickBooks. - Import utility

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Simply Estimating 1.05: Create quick & accurate estimates.Print Material Reports, Proposals
Simply Estimating 1.05

estimates has been simplified by grouping estimates by customers names. You can simply type in a customers name and a list of every estimate produced for that customer is displayed. Each estimate can be viewed, edited and updated if necessary. Never again submit an estimate where you forget to enter the quantity for a particular item, or add a custom part to an estimate & forget to price it. The estimate is scanned & `blank` or `0` quantity and material

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Estimate 1.0: A simple software to estimate
Estimate 1.0

A simple software to estimate. You create your own form of data (items, materials, time required) and you only have to enter the quantities. Press a key you print and visualize your estimate. DIRECTIONS: decompress in a folder and click twice on the file "Estima" choose to continue if a message appears.

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 BMW Repair Estimate 1.0: TaylorCo BMW in Pomona is giving away a free BMW screensaver BMW Repair Estimate
BMW Repair Estimate 1.0

BMW Repair Estimate, The ultimate BMW screensaver from - TaylorCo BMW in Pomona CA - download the free BMW screensaver for your desktop - BMW Repair Estimate - Beautiful BMW automobiles rotating every 4 seconds.

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Repair Estimate BMW 1.0: TaylorCo BMW in Pomona is giving away a free BMW screensaver Repair Estimate BMW
Repair Estimate BMW 1.0

Repair Estimate BMW, The ultimate BMW screensaver from - TaylorCo BMW in Pomona CA - download the free BMW screensaver for your desktop - Repair Estimate BMW - 25 Beautiful BMW automobiles rotating every 4 seconds. Featuring a clock and calendar. Press F1 and schedule an appointment for your BMW.

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ChemEng Economics Calculator 1.0.2: estimate the Net Present Value of an industrial process plant and more.
ChemEng Economics Calculator 1.0.2

Easy to use software demonstrates the procedures to estimate the net present value of industrial process plants. the calculation involves, fixed capital investment, operating labour,utility costs,raw materials & profits and production costs. the software will also plot charts of the results.other small calculators are included some of those to update estimates, to read more visit webbusterz

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